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About Samantha Vater

Hello everyone, I am Samantha Vater, but you can call me Samantha. I recently have obtained my Real Estate License. Although the license might be new that doesn’t mean I am new to the real estate industry. Luckily, I have had the chance to purchase my own home with my loving significant other, Cory. Having gone through the process of buying a home has brought many insights that many first-time home buyers might not think about, which brings more expertise to the table. That being said I am highly motivated to get the best possible home for every client. In my past I have had many years in the customer service industry to the point that I dedicate myself to the utmost being when I am fully involved with my clients. My world outside of Real Estate is wonderful. I have a great person to come home to his name is Cory and not only he welcomes me at home I also have four furry friends who keep their tails wagging constantly. I also enjoy the times that I need with Cory, we vacation when we need to get away. Although I enjoy vacationing, please note I do think about every client that I am helping and make sure there is someone responsive to help them out when needed and sometimes if it is very important, I will be able to be contacted. I want to make sure the client understands that home buying isn’t something that can happen overnight, it takes a lot of determination, honesty and loyalty to make a dream… reality.